Bobi wine today videos uganda

Ugandan troops have withdrawn from around the home of opposition leader and pop star Bobi Wine, ending his house arrest since the January 14 election, won by long-serving President Yoweri Museveni.

A correspondent of Reuters news agency on the scene confirmed the move, though Bobi Wine was yet to appear by mid-morning at his large compound in a leafy northern suburb of the capital Kampala. The incumbent was declared the winner with 59 percent of votes versus 35 percent for Bobi Wine, who had for years denounced corruption and nepotism in his songs.

The opposition rejected the result, alleging fraud which the government denies. The Al Jazeera correspondent said Bobi Wine has been holding a meeting with the newly elected members of parliament to discuss the way forward and how these MPs can make a difference in parliament. With the election behind him and fraud claims by Bobi Wine failing to gain traction, Museveni appears to be calculating that he can mollify pressure from Western allies to free his rival without significant risk to his power base.

Former rebel leader Museveni, 76, has long been a Western ally, receiving copious aid and sending troops to trouble spots including Somalia to fight armed groups.

But foreign governments have become increasingly frustrated at his reluctance to cede power and crackdowns on opponents. The tactics that kept the rebel turned politician in power for decades may be starting to lose their efficiency. Court tells soldiers to cease surrounding the home of the opposition leader, whose house arrest has drawn condemnation. Uganda: Bobi Wine files arbitrary detention complaint at UN.

The opposition leader has been under de facto house arrest in Kampala since Friday. Ugandan court orders freedom of opposition leader Bobi Wine. More from News. Infographic: How did we get to million coronavirus cases? Israel military revising operational plans against Iran: General.

Most Republican Senators vote against impeachment trial for Trump.Ugandan opposition leader Bobi Wine on Friday claimed victory in presidential elections, rejecting as a "complete sham" early results that gave President Yoweri Museveni a wide lead. Wine told AFP he felt under threat as soldiers surrounded his home on Friday evening following his accusations of fraud to the press.

Museveni76, is seeking a sixth term after almost four decades in power, and the former popstar Wine has emerged as his main rival in a youthful country where most have known only one president. The internet remained down for a third day as vote counting continued from Thursday's pollwith provisional results from 64 percent of polling stations giving Museveni a lead of 62 percent while Wine trailed with 30 percent.

As the results came in, Wine said in an interview at his home that soldiers had jumped the perimeter fence of his compound and beaten his security guard before taking up position around his house.

They came inside my compound. They are here right now. I don't know why they're here. But I'm imagining they are here to harm me. I feel threatened," said the year-old, who described the invasion as unprecedented and "a siege". He said he confronted the soldiers, who briefly cocked a gun at him and journalists, and refused to respond or leave.

The army's deputy spokesman Deo Akiiki said the soldiers were there to provide security and had stopped three people who tried to "access the house". Provisional results showed Wine's newly formed National Unity Party was on track to become the main opposition in parliament. Earlier Wine had reeled off a list of election irregularities during a press conference in his garden, such as ballot box stuffing, and his party's polling agents being beaten and chased away in parts of northern and western Uganda.

I call upon all Ugandans to reject the blackmail. We have certainly won the election and we've won it by far," Wine told journalists. Wine, whose real name is Robert Kyagulanyi, promised to provide video evidence once the internet was restored.

Election commission chairman Justice Simon Mugenyi Byabakama said he did "not appreciate the assertion that these results we are reading out are rigged". Museveni faced a total of 10 candidates, but it is the popularity of the former popstar Wine, who grew up in a slum and is nicknamed the "ghetto president", that has rattled the former rebel leader.

The poll followed one of the most violent campaigns in years, with harassment and arrests of the opposition, attacks on the media and scores of deaths. A senior foreign diplomat told AFP there had been sporadic incidents of violence and many irregularities, but no sign of mass manipulation. The US, EU, UN and global rights and democracy groups have raised concerns about the integrity and transparency of the election.

The United States, a major aid donor to Ugandacancelled a diplomatic observer mission after too many of its staff were denied permission to monitor the election, and aside from an African Union mission there was no major international group watching over the vote. Museveni has ruled Uganda without pause since seizing control inwhen he helped to end years of tyranny under Idi Amin and Milton Obote.

Once hailed for his commitment to good governance, the former rebel leader has crushed any opposition and tweaked the constitution to allow himself to run again and again.

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And for many in the country, where the median age is 16, Museveni's glory days are no longer relevant or sufficient. But Museveni, one of Africa's longest serving leaders, has never lost an election and observers expect this time around will be no different. His opponents -- most visibly Wine, who spent much of the campaign in a bulletproof vest and combat helmet -- were arrested, blocked from rallying and dispersed with tear gas throughout the campaign.

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Uganda long-time President Yoweri Museveni don dey re-elected, according to electoral officials, ontop accusations of vote rigging by im main rival Bobi Wine. Mr Wine, wey be former pop star, don earlier vow to provide evidence of fraud. Di Electoral Commission deny say vote-rigging happun for Thursday election.

Sabi pipo wey monitor di elections don criticise di government say dem block internet access. Mr Wine say e go provide evidence of fraud once di internet don dey restored. Provisional Presidential results from di announcement from Uganda Electoral Commission on Saturday around am show say Museveni dey ahead of Bob Wine.

Uganda faces pressure to end Bobi Wine's house arrest

Ugandans dey expect final results of di election later in di day. Hackers say dem don hack some goment website to support di removal of President Yoweri Museveni for di elections. Wia dis foto come from, Twitter. Di hackers wey call demself Anonymous on Friday night claim dey don hack di official website of Uganda parliament and leak some confidential information. Wia dis foto come from, BBCTwitter. Di hackers claim dey do dis in support of di Uganda pipo against di goment.

Dis action appear to dey totori di kontri pipo who don dey hail di hackers for twitter and dey even ask dem to do more. During one press conference for im domot for Kampala on Friday morning, opposition leader Bobi Wine say di Museveni goment don dey plan for di "worst rigging" in di history of Uganda. In some parts of Uganda, Bobi Wine claim say dem give voters pre-filled ballots. Bobi Wine don reject di results of Uganda 14 January Presidential election and call himself di president-elect.

Bobi Wine wey be di opposition candidate say dis na di worst vote rigging in Uganda history. Im say im go address di press again in a few hours on di way forward.


Meanwhile Bobi Wine say di country military don put im home 'under siege'. Di singer turned politician post dis one for twitter as im allege say di military "jump over fence come take over e home. Wia dis foto come from, Reuters.

Results from Di closest na Bobi Wine, di main opposition leader wey don gada 23 percent. Museveni get 1, votes Bobi Wine dey claim widespread fraud and violence during Thursday election but e no give details of him accusations.

Wia dis foto come from, AFP.

Uganda ends house arrest of opposition leader Bobi Wine

Di released first hand alias preliminary results on Friday from polling stations show President Yoweri Museveni dey take early lead. Uganda's Electoral Commission on Thursday ensure say di direct results of di Presidential and Parliamentary election wey dem dey tally for di main national polling station go continue despite di closure of di country's internet.

Electoral Commission chief Simon Byabakama say dem dey were use some kain tactics to launch di results but e no gree provide further details. We use our system. Di released first hand alias preliminary results on Friday from polling stations show President Yoweri Museveni taking early leadership according to Uganda tori pipo Daily Monitor.

Ugandan law empowers di Commission to receive results from all districts and to publish dem within 48 hours after di voting process dey completed. Pipo dey wonder how di Electoral Commission go tally yesterday presidential and parliamentary election results as internet dey blocked for di East African kontri. Di electoral commission say dem go announce di results of di election within 48 hours afta voting end.But he suggested he might not go to court to challenge the official results.

Calling the Jan. Police say they have orders to restrict his movements to protect the public from possible rioting. Wine insists he won and has said he can prove that the military was stuffing ballot boxes, casting ballots for people and chasing voters away from polling stations.

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Social media sites remain restricted. The East African country has never witnessed a peaceful transfer of power — one reason why even some within the ruling party publicly urge Museveni to preside over an orderly transition.

Wine has captured the imagination of many at home and abroad in his generational clash with Museveni. The year-old has repeatedly called for the retirement of the year-old president, a U. PARIS AP — In a first for France, six nongovernmental organizations launched a class-action lawsuit Wednesday against the French government for alleged systemic discrimination by police officers carrying out identity checks.

The organizations, including Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, contend that French police use racial profiling in ID checks, targeting Black people and people of Arab descent. Skip to content. Museveni accuses Wine of being a foreign agent, which the opposition leader denies.

Read the Full Article. Click here for full list of trending stories.CNN The Ugandan High Court has lifted the house arrest of Bobi Wine after security forces surrounded the presidential candidate's home for ten days, his lawyer said Monday.

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Breaking; The High Court has issued an order directing police and the military to vacate Hon Kyagulanyi's premises. Bobi Wine and his wife, Barbara Itungo Kyagulanyi, pictured at home on January 19 during their ongoing house arrest, with his wife's month-old niece who has since been removed from the house, Wine told CNN. Justice Michael Elubu, who heads the court's civil division, said that if the government had evidence against Wine, he should be charged in court and not "held unjustifiably at his home," according to Musisi.

Wine, a popular singer, was the main opposition frontrunner in the presidential elections held on January 14 and his home has been surrounded by military and police since the elections ended. Uganda's longtime leader President Yoweri Museveni was declared winner of the elections for a record sixth term by the country's electoral commission. Read More. Wine rejects the election results, saying he has evidence of fraud and intimidation. He also posted on Twitter last week that no one has been allowed to visit his home where he was with stuck with his wife, Barbara, and her month-old niece with no food.

His wife's niece was later "safely evacuated" Wine told CNN after lawyers were briefly allowed in to remove her. Soldiers remain at the compound and Uganda's military has a "history of defying court orders," Musisi said. He added that they would petition the court for each soldier that remains to be held in contempt. A spokesperson for the Uganda Police Force said the officers still at Wine's home will vacate the premises.

Wine's team will decide in the next 24 hours whether they will appeal the results of the elections. Wine's team had hoped to decide sooner, but have been unable to meet because of the house arrest, Musisi added.

bobi wine today videos uganda

The deadline to do so is on February 2. Museveni's senior press secretary, Don Wanyama, said on Saturday that Wine has no evidence vote rigging took place. Evidence of rigging is tabled before the courts, not CNN," he added.Security forces in Uganda have withdrawn from around the home of presidential challenger Bobi Winecomplying with a ruling by a judge on Monday that rebuked authorities for holding the candidate under house arrest for 11 days.

Wine, whose real name is Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, has been unable to leave his home since 14 Januarywhen Ugandans voted in an election in which the year-old reggae star turned politician was the main challenger to year-old Yoweri Museveni.

Ugandan authorities had said Wine could only leave his home on the outskirts of the capital, Kampala, under military escort because they feared his presence in public could incite rioting.

Wine insists he was the winner and claims the military was stuffing ballot boxes, casting ballots for people and chasing voters away from polling stations. On one occasion, police confronted the presidential candidate Bobi Wine during an online press conference where he announced a petition to the international criminal court to investigate rights abuses in the country.

Last week, security forces cordoned off the officers of the NUP in the capital. The move was aimed at complicating its efforts to collect evidence of poll irregularities.

bobi wine today videos uganda

Uganda then accused the US of trying to subvert the presidential elections after the US ambassador attempted to visit Wine at his home. The election was marred by violence in the run-up to polling day with dozens shot in protests. Wine grew up in poverty in Kampala before his successful musical career and has explicitly linked his campaign to efforts elsewhere across Africa to oust veteran leaders.

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The median age in the country is less than There has never been a peaceful transfer of power in the country — one reason why even some within the ruling party publicly urge Museveni to preside over an orderly transition. Ugandan security forces withdraw from Bobi Wine's house. Judge ruled on Monday that house arrest of presidential challenger was illegal. Bobi Wine has said he can prove the military was stuffing ballot boxes, casting ballots for people and chasing voters away from polling stations.

Tue 26 Jan KAMPALA, Uganda -- Calls grew Thursday for Ugandan authorities to free opposition presidential challenger Bobi Wine from house arrest a week after the country's longtime president won a sixth term in a disputed election. A judge will rule next week on a petition by Wine's attorneys seeking an end to the deployment of soldiers outside his property on the outskirts of the capital, Kampala. Wine, whose real name is Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, says he has been detained there for eight days.

Authorities say Wine can only leave his home under military escort because his presence in public allegedly threatens public safety. They are preventing visitors, including the U.

Police said, however, that eight lawyers were allowed to see Wine Thursday while the security forces maintain "preventive action and cover in the area.

bobi wine today videos uganda

The detention of Wine has angered his supporters, who see it as an extension of the harassment he faced from security forces who frequently broke up his campaign events, citing measures to control the spread of the coronavirus.

Wine, a popular singer-turned-lawmaker, has captured the imagination of many at home and abroad in his generational clash with Museveni. Wine, who is 38, has called for the retirement of the year-old president, a U.

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Museveni accuses Wine of being a foreign agent, which the opposition leader denies. A losing presidential candidate has 10 days from the announcement of final results to challenge them in court. Final results were declared on Jan. Museveni won the Jan. Wine insists he won and has said he can prove that the military was stuffing ballot boxes, casting ballots for people and chasing voters away from polling stations.

The East African country has never witnessed a peaceful transfer of power — one reason why even some within the ruling party publicly urge Museveni to preside over an orderly transition.

bobi wine today videos uganda

The election was marred by violence ahead of polling day as well as an internet shutdown that remained in force until Monday, when access was restored for most Ugandans. Social media sites remain restricted. Shows Good Morning America. World News Tonight. This Week. The View.